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Jul 25, 2016
So my buns have been happily hanging out in their stacked cages in my garage since I started in November. But the garage is getting too hot for them now, so we're working on a spot to get them into the backyard for the summer. What things do I need to consider, other than our plans below?

We have a walkout yard on the east side of the house. There is a large two-story apple tree next to our porch/patio that we are planning to put the buns under, but I think they'll still need further sun/rain protection, so we will build something like a covered lean-to with a tarp front I can roll down. But in the meantime, can we just tarp the cages? The spot gets early morning sun, but by the afternoon heat is fully shaded by house and tree. Good airflow, and the tree will provide shelter from rain/hail until we get a better roof on.

My doe is due to kindle in two weeks. Should I move her cage as well, or keep her in the garage with a fan and ice bottles when hot?

Also, I know we have neighborhood coons. The cages have wire latches, which I would think would be sturdy enough. Will I need to secure them further? Could a coon tip stacked cages?


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Jun 13, 2015
It has been awhile since I raised rabbits, but I will try...

Yes, you can tarp the cages. That will be fine. Early morning sun should not be too much of an issue, unless you are planning for these rabbits to be fancy show rabbits (sun can discolor fur easily, depending on breed/color). A tarp should be adequate protection from the rain, they don't like to get wet.

Coons are a bit more of a problem. They may tip the cages, depending. How heavy are the cages? How secure? Can you anchor the cages by tying them to the tree? A bigger concern is if the coon reaches through the bars of the cage. I don't think that is as much of a concern with rabbits as with chickens, because rabbits are more likely to move away at night than a chicken, but it is a consideration.


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Apr 27, 2011
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Your rabbits should do just fine outside. Give them shade/wind/rain shelter - tarps over the top, a canopy, something.

Direct sunlight is the killer for them. You shouldn't need to have waterbottles/etc; if they are outside out of direct sunlight. You'd be more effective wetting their ears, instead. That will allow the blood to cool as it circulates. Rabbits can't sweat, so you're essentially helping them to.

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