Moving somewhere poultry friendly.


Duck Obsessed
14 Years
Jan 17, 2009
North Eastern PA
Hey guys, it's Jacob!
It's been a long time since I gave an update. I have made a decision to leave Throop and move somewhere where I can have poultry. I'm looking to move out of my house in the city and into a country apartment or house. I want to have the freedom to have a coop with ducks, geese, and chickens. Not a ton of them, just enough to have a couple friendly pets capable of reproduction. My main source of income is SSI. I get roughly $650 a month. I have been diagnosed with several mood disorders which make it hard for me to work. The birds seem to be the only thing that help my depression and I just want to move away from all this city nonsense and start living my dream. I'd like to brainstorm with you guys and see if we can dig up any good ideas that can help. My parents are divorced. My dad is estranged and my mom is stuck at our house in the city until she sell it.
My ideal situation is to find someone that needs help on their farm and has a spare room or a guest house. I've been planning for my coop since I was a little kid and I just want to make it a reality. I want it so bad. I know there is someone out there somewhere that I can make an agreement with that can make us both very happy.

I'm hoping that someone on here has positive advice or maybe even knows someone who has a farm and needs help.

Thank you everyone.

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