Moving to FL


Feb 8, 2015
Hi, does anyone on this forum live in or near Gilchrist County Florida ? We are looking for a few acres for some chickens, ducks, etc. On the map it looks pretty rural and that's what we are looking for. Do they have strict zoning laws there ? We have been coming to Fl on vacation for years but haven't looked this area over much. We generally go to Citrus County. Thank you for your help. P.S. We know all about the bugs, reptiles and everything else that will try and eat you so we are not coming to Fl expecting all paradise. It is though paradise for us. Just so you know.
Well, phooey to the both of you......I would love to see your silkies someday though when I move .
Right this minute I am in Citrus County looking for a small farm. I got a USDA Loan . Can't find a small farm that doesn't have a mobile on it. They have to have a house. My realtor is looking and looking. One place said I could have 4 mind you 4 chickens as pets. Really ????? Ok, you Citrus County people, find me a small farm. Then I can say I live in Citrus County too LOL. Thanks. At least 1 acre....with a house
RedBird Special. any farms out your way ? I have a USDA loan and no mobiles has to be a house. I am in Homosassa now can look Thanks

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