Moving to Marquette, KS - Going to be getting a Variance

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  1. We are building a house and moving to Marquette, KS and because of the Free Land deal, the place we are moving doesn't allow anything other than dogs or cats but we were told before we signed the paperwork that they will give up a variance for our chickens. [​IMG]
    I am assuming that we will get to say how many chickens/roos in the application and just stay at or below that number. We want to do meaties and layers, and want to be able to replenish our own flock.

    How many should we put down for, we are a family of 3 currently.

    How old do roos be before you can cull them to send them to freezer camp? Figuring that that can be the cut off for an "unlimited" number of "chicks"?

    Also, the covenants stated that "no electric fences" are allowed - do you think that means every where? As I was thinking that since our property is up against a huge field we are more apt to get predators, and I wanted to use it just around the run/coop area. We plan to eventually have a fence around our hole property (about 1 acre) but that is expensive.

  2. No suggestions at all?
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    hello welcome from another Kansas person,. I am not sure but if you are going to raise meaties I would put at least 25 of them and then figure out how many laying hens you are going to use such as if you want to sell any I would go with 30 laying hens if you don't have that many that's okay at least if you do hatch some you stay below that number. I am not sure about the free land deal If you have an acre is it in town or in the country I would think since its going to be your land why would you not be able to have your chickens it is confusing to me. I would also not worry about the electric fence right off if you build your coop with welded wire and hardware cloth buried at least 2 feet into the ground and have them locked up at night you should not have to worry to much about predators getting in, if they say no electric fence you might see if they will allow you to put on on your coop since its not a fence its on a the coop they might let you do that. good luck and safe move to Kansas.
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    Welcome....I'm about 40 minutes or so away from Marquette. I would say the number they will allow probably will depend on your lot size. I would have had it in writing before I signed anything tho....what one person told you might not be what the next person agrees with.

    As far as long as you build your coop and run securely I wouldn't worry about an electric fence.......I've never had one....except for our cattle......and I've really not had many issues over the years with predators and I'm on a farm surrounded by our crop fields.
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    Id be very careful about assuming anything. Get everything in writing before signing.
  6. We have just under 1 acre, and got the go ahead on the variance from the Head of the Land development and the Mayor, and they have given variances for other things (rabbits, etc).

    I plan to build a very very secure coop and all that. I was thinking about a dual purpose bird, with hopes of selling some eggs just to off set the cost.
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    Quote:I'd still get it in writing......all it will take is one person to start complaining and if it isn't in black and white what they said may not count for much. A pen full of stinky meaties won't get the same support that a couple of bunnies do.

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