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    Okay - I think it's time for new nesting boxes. Right now, there's just one, for three girls that'd be okay except that it's in the little coop and the Buff Orpington sleeps in it. So it gets poopy. What I want to do is build three nesting boxes *outside* the coop (we're in California and there's no reason the nesting box really needs to be inside the coop). That'll give more room for the girls in the coop, especially when the new pullets join them. I'm going to be adding a roost in there too. I really don't like the design of the coop as-is. It's just not really properly setup.

    Anyways - the question is... once I build the new nest boxes and put them out in their run: *how* do I train the girls that this is the new nesting box? How do I get them to lay there instead of in the corner of the coop where the nesting box "used to be"? I've heard about the golfball thing but I'm just curious if there's other stuff I should do as well? Should I put the layers into the nesting boxes every morning or something? Just to introduce them?

    Is there anything else I can do to encourage them to use the new boxes?
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    take out or block off the old nesting box with a board or block. if you dont have a roost in there, that is why she is sleeping in there. put some in there higher than the nesting boxes. then every night after they have gotten good and asleep, go out(with a flashlight) and move your hen (if she has adoped sleeping in the new nest box) to the roost. this may take a week or two for her to get the idea. after a week or so of this you should go out and she will be on the roost where she is supose to be at night. as for the golf worked for me...i also tried a easter egg with a rock in it but they quickly pushed it out of the nest. i am still new at this also but these problems i have had also. but one of the older guys might chime in of luck
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