Mr. Easter Egger Pageant

i voted for 3 because he looks like mine

I like the looks of the first fella, but if he is rough on the hens....... Since none of them are showing any aggression towards people it;s just a matter of taste. If your hens are not actually being damaged by him ie: wounded or missing a bunch of feathers on their backs I would keep him. As he gets older he should be less rough with the ladies.
I picked #2, but it was a toss up between #2 and #3. While Amelia is gorgeous, the last thing you want is an aggressive roo. Even if you don't have other roos, the rough behavior towards the hens will stress them out and you'll end up playing doctor far too often. (Form experience! One of our roos was a gorgeous delaware and by 6 months old, he was leaving huge gashes in the hens all the way down to open muscle! EVIL!)
for now, there isn't any blood being drawn and not too many feathers being ripped out. the major problem is that the hens that are getting the most attention (the EEs strangely enough) are spending most of their time hiding out in the coop. Amelia usually instigates mating, but then all the other roos want their shot.

they are just teenagers, but i hate seeing my hens hiding out.

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