Multiple brooding mums in a nest together for hatching

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    Hi is this advisable and can it work okay when the chicks start hatching? I have four houses, one main one currently has 3 broody hens in a box each with one box spare; another one has two broody hens in a box each. I have a new house with two huge nesting boxes that are 3 if not four times the normal size. Can I place more then one hen in each huge nesting box for hatching her eggs? Has anyone done this and what were your experiences?

    Also, I will need to shift them to this new house which is not situated in the chook run and is a second storage one. I can put temporary chook fence up to keep them safe when the chicks come out to grass for the first time so that is okay. And I know to shift them at night with a cardboard sheet under the nest, eggs and mum. Is there anything you would suggest? I am busy trying to locate a smaller run on ground level for the chicks in the meantime.

    Thanks for your help again [​IMG]

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