Multiple bumblefoot surgeries, not helping

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  1. SandyS

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    Feb 11, 2010
    I've been given a sweet Polish hen with bad Bumblefoot. I've done two surgeries on her to try and remove or cure it, but the swelling won't go down and she is still limping.

    Following the great directions posted here, I cut out the Eschar, a small plug of pus came out with it the first surgery and I also got out a small kernel of stuff. Nothing else would come out with squeezing/soaking. Wrapped with ointment and vetwrap. A week later it was swollen back up.

    So surgery #2, I took out the ecshar again, no pus, nothing else would come out. Wrapped with ointment again, antibiotics in her water too. swelling never went down this time. Kept it wrapped longer which made no difference.

    She is otherwise doing well, eating, laying, etc but is obviously in discomfort. I'd really like to help her, if anyone has suggestions I would sure apprieciate your input.

    Many thanks,

  2. teach1rusl

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    You can try an antibiotic. I ordered amoxicillin from an on-line pet supply place and used that last year. It came in capsules, so I had to cut open the caps and mix the medicine into a spoon of yogurt each day. Maybe you could try that???
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    Nov 25, 2010
    Hi, I am treating two birds with bumblefoot and from what I have read if it is a bad case the soaking of the foot and washing has to be done daily for the first 5 days and then every 2 days. I have heard it can be tricky to rid of as the bacteria causing this does not need air to survive. I am using furacin at the moment to good effect, it's the yellow cream for horses it has antibacterial properties and I believe there's antibiotics too. It may be worth having the bird in a cage on soft bedding which is kept really clean to help stop any dirt build up. I think it can also be transmitted from bird to bird, ie if one of the others has a small cut or abrasion in the foot the bacteria causing bumblefoot can get in, that's how my ones got it. I will be disinfecting the coop and run with a large sprayer to get rid of any staph bacteria laying around. Hydrogen peroxide solution to wash it with will help too, it bubbles on contact with infection. Some people also use a mixture of sugar and betadine on the bumblefoot. The sugar helps draw out the infection while the betadine dries it out. I can't think of anything else that might be of use if I do I will post it. Good luck and hope this helps a bit.

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