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    May 8, 2019
    Hey yall!! Seeking advice and pictures...
    I have several breeds and need them to be separated as they get older!! I have one large coop & run now. I'm thinking as of right now I need to add atleast two-four more runs with smaller coops & roost inside. Ideas? Pictures? I want to try to attach them all together , obviously separated by wire though. Just have to figure out exactly how lol. Hubby wont like the idea of ten coops sparadictly placed throughout our yard help plleaseeee!
  2. Check out @Kuntry Klucker 's setup. It's beautiful. I have multiple coops and am aiming a little bit in that direction especially for foraging time.
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    Nov 18, 2007
    My Coop
    This us one of my coops. A duplex. IMG_2919.JPG IMG_2921.JPG
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    Jun 9, 2010
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    Hi, I have several coops, 7 to be exact. I like you needed more room and homes for all my chickens. I have 4 large coops, 2 bachelor pen, and a 2 small ones that I use for hospital coops and broody or hatch out coops.

    coopsandblooms12.jpg coopsandblooms22.jpg
    The two coops pictured above Henwarts (blue and white coop) and The Kuntry Klucker (red and white coop) share a large outdoor pen. The outdoor pen these coops share is under a large shade tree so the girls and guys have plenty of shade.

    Backyard Blooming 17.PNG
    In the two photos above two more coops share an outdoor pen. The TARDIS (blue coop) and The Bantam Boutique (red and white coop) share an outdoor pen. These two coops house my bantam chickens, White Crested Polishes, Silkies, and Frizzle cochins. I have since this picture was taken planted butterfly bushes and hydrangeas which provide plenty of shade and hiding places for the girls.

    garden coops.jpg

    In the two photos above are two of my smaller coops (Roy's roost and Betsy's Bliss). These smaller coops are used for hospital coops and broody or hatch out coops. They are not connected by an outdoor pen, the residents of these coops have their own pens. Since these are hatch out, broody, or hospital coops the pens are not shared with one another. They are however situated in my spice garden under a large tree so they both get ample shade.

    We are currently referbishing The Coop De Ville which will be a bachelor pen for all my bantam boys. We should have it completed in the next week.

    Here are just a few photos of my yard so you can see how I have all the coops arranged and how the yard fits together.

    evening with the flock 1.jpg

    Backyard blooming 4.jpg

    I hope this helps. Two of my largest coops are hand built all the rest are prefab coops I bought at tractor supply. My oldest prefab coop is 5 years old and going strong. I repaint all the coops every spring and touch up any issues that need attention. I may add one more coop next spring, I am not totally decided on that yet, but I have do have room for one more in my plan.

    We call our little arrangement of coops in the backyard "the coop-hood". My kids call it that because they said it looks like a neighborhood coops.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I will do my best to answer your questions.

    Additionally, I do have a blog where I chronicle all our activities here on The Kuntry Klucker Farm. I will add the link below, plus the links where I added new coops.

    I am about 10 years deep into my chicken hobby. I did not add and place all these coops at once. About once a year or once every other year I added a coop. It just now come to a total of 7 coops and possibly 8.

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    Mine are scattered so photos won't help you. I've seen people build a large pen out of chain link, maybe use dog kennel panels, put an apron and a roof on it, and they have a predator proof area. Then using chicken wire or something less expensive section that off into individual runs. Put your coop in the back and a door up front in each section. Sort of like seven or ten townhouses side by side by side with two sharing a common wall. Or put the human door in each coop with another human door leading into the run.

    I don't know ow many chickens you will have by group so no idea how big the coops or runs need to be. I'd probably put a pop door or even human door in those chicken wire walls so you can let them use larger areas if they don;t need to be separated.

    That should enable you to concentrate food and water in one area so you don't have to walk all over. Try to think of your convenience in feeding and watering.
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    Aug 1, 2015
    My Coop
    I love that TARDIS coop. How cute.
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    Nov 18, 2007
    My Coop
    We built these coops over many years. All are different. We have another couple of coops that aren't in these pictures. Some of the coops are divided and all have nice large pens around 20 feet x 60 feet for most of the pens. Totally the pens are 60' x 200'. Not everyone has that kind of space. We do have several acres. Because it is so hot here much of the year, all of the pens have shade trees and shade/rain tables for the birds to get under for shade and when it rains during our rainy season.
    This is an older picture and we have added another coop since this picture was taken.
    2014-05-06 17.41.03.jpg
    IMG_20181202_133523.jpg This is one of my chick/grow-out coops. I have another one that I use as a breeding coop during the breeding season and after breeding season I move the birds and convert it back to a grow-out coop. There is another pen on the other side of the coop that can't be seen in this picture.
    DSCF0001GrowOutCoop 09.jpg
    This coop belonged to my very special hen Gladys who was recently taken by a fox. Now I have a couple of other hens in it that were being picked on by some other birds. They are now doing well.

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