Multiple roos

Panhanle RIR

9 Years
Apr 16, 2010
Texas County, Oklahoma
how do you keep multiple roos happy and not fighting because i have 2 adult roos i think i know my RIR is but i think 1 of my SLWs is and i am introducing a RIR/SLW cross and a D'uccle/Leghorn cross i am going to introduce and i am worried they will fight even though they will have about 30 or so hens with them
i have 4, 10 wk old RIR roos, 1 pullet...i keep them occupied by hanging a seed treat thinggy that they can peck at and keeping a dirt bathe hole freshly dug and loose...this has cut down on fighting a far i have been lucky that they have established the pecking order and no one has challenged it.!
@Panhanle RIR so you'll have possibly 4 roosters to 30 hens? You might be able to get away with that... they will establish a pecking order for sure... but that's a fair amount (close to the low end of what you should have per roo I've read) of hens.

@katdam if I'm reading your post right, you have 4 roosters to ONE pullet? You gotta get some more GIRLS!! That poor thing is gonna be rode to her death once those roos mature. They just aren't old enough yet to be trouble!
i ordered 9 more pullets, they arrived yesterday....the RIR were my first chicks. at the time i didn't know what straight run meant so i got 6...ended up 5 roo 1 dog got 1 roo....if they do start to get out of control there is a place close by that will take my troublemakers...i am prepared to have to get rid of some, i just don't have the heart to cull and eatem. i have become much wiser about chickens thanks to this website and i will never do straight run again...all i wanted was eggs!!!!!
Whew!! lol You had me losing feathers for a second there!! lol I really lucked out with my Roo. I have three laying hens, and am currently growing four more and will be picking up another 6 less than 5 month old pullets tomorrow. He's a gentleman, and doesn't over do it with the girls he has access to, (just the three right now) but I have heard that often having more than one roo can cause them to START mating more. Because it becomes a competition. You might consider removing the 1 pullet instead of the "roudy" boys... lol I didn't want to cull and eat at first either, but I've done a lot more research on industry chicken. Both meat AND egg... and I'm happy knowing that the chickens I cull to eat had it good while they were alive.
Good luck with your roos situation!! Here's to the new pullets helping with the load.

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