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14 Years
May 17, 2009
who here keeps multiple roosters in their flock? My teacher says eventualy they will get along and thats how it is with his 150 chickens.(as he says) How can I do this? any tricks yall could share? pics to show will be great.
Well, I don't have any roosters, but I'm not sure what your teacher means. Mostly, I've heard that the roosters will kill each other. I have never heard of rooster actually "getting along". However, if you can bond with all of your roosters, and there are plenty of hens, it may not have to come to that.
Good Luck
I have two roosters and one hen, and they get along ok. However, Darth is definitely "Boss Rooster," while Red is his, well, wing man. They were raised from hatch together, and I'm told that makes all the difference. I'm in the process of introducing 3 additional (pullets, I hope) to the flock, and I hope that doesn't change how my boys get along.
He said it may get bloody but after a couple of days they wont fight, but they will be dominate. He said to cut the spurs so they cant kill eachother. I have one game hen, japanese bantam roo,and a serama roo and hen. I have three silkie chicks also(unaware of sex). The goal is to have them all together. The seramas and silkies are together even though the serama is dominate, he is a couple months old but because of their small size they are with the chicks. I think it will be easier to combine two flocks instead of three.
I have 4 roosters and 21 hens. All roos get along well except i have 1 roo that is always out to get another roo of mine. If you get roosters your best bet is to get them all young and around the same age. That way they can grow up together and be used to eachother. That is just my experience.
My grandparent's neighbors have had a mixed flock in a large yard for years. They have a number of roosters (at least 5) in a yard/run about 1/4 acre. They don't look bloody or dead, not sure what they do to keep the peace (there are plenty of hens, ducks, & geese in the run also)
I have 4 loose extra serama roos (sold and awaiting pickup)

one ameraucana bantam roo (that I got with a pair, using his hen as a broody)

One huge Australorp roo (his hen is in there too)

A mixed bantam roo

They are all loose with an adult silkie hen, Cochin hen plus 1 Silkieseramacana, 4 RIR pullets and 2 EE pullets..

Hardly ever fights, they haveplenty of room to get away from eachother in the building and the run....
No specific numbers in there..oh--think I forgot to add a young pair of wyandottes......

I also let them out to free range with a HUGE pair of Red Bros, and a big white rock roo and his 6 hens.....
No one here pays much attention to the others.

The Ameraucana bantam roo is the boss in the big shed, although he is not very big. He keeps things in order, and wont let the "outside" big birds into his coop.
When they are out they all just spread out.

Ive never had any fight to the death. There have been fights, but someone gives up eventually. I guess it makes more sense to live to breed another day, you know?
I have a coop that is nothing but roosters. I also have 2 roosters in with my main hen flock. They do establish a pecking order just like the hens do. They squabble a lot at first but have always settled down. I have had some get pretty bloody on the combs but never had one seriously injured.
I have 6 roosters in with my flock. They actually get along well, but they were all raised together. Big Boss, the very large EE is just that, THE BOSS! He rules the roost and everything else. The other roosters defer to him.

We do have minor squabbles but nothing serious.

I'm going to take my SLW roo, Silver, out though, and give him his own flock of SLW pullets that I just ordered.


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