Mum asked ME to buy her some chickens at auction tommorrow


12 Years
Nov 19, 2007
that's like handing me the credit card and saying "get yourself something nice". What fun it will be! Maybe I can start a new hobby/career as a chicken broker...

Have fun!!!
Ohhh be very VERY careful you never know what you will get at a auction or what will be brought along with it, be very careful!!
I have a hard time now buying adult birds, maybe see if there are chicks or eggs, those would be less of a chance of bringing home anything sick bug infested etc.

Good luck its lots of fun and not all birds taken to auctions are bad, just remember there is a reason why they are being taken there. But its not always bad, I recently took some chicks to auction just because they were from my own birds and I didn't want to brood them because I was not planning on keeping them, someone ordered and didn't follow through, and because I had shipped eggs to hatch and go into the brooder. I also took a frizzle cochin roo because no one else would respond to my ads for him for sale. he was a gorgeous bird. But nothing wrong with any of them, best of luck!

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