Mum left babies last night, but today wouldn't stop calling for them?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by nanaluvsgps, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Apr 5, 2012
    Last night the babies and the mother where left out until after dark because we didn't get home till late. When we went out their the mother (well surrogate mother anyways, she has had the babies for like a month now teaching them to feed ect.) was on the perch and the babies where no where to be found. An hour of searching and we found the babies hudling next to a water pipe. The strange this is when we woke up the mum was in her pen frantically running around squaking for them. When we brang the babies out the mother hen ran over to them straight away. my question is why did the mum ditch the baies last night but was an over protective mother this morning? Its also nher first time been a mother and she had been broody for like a month nothing would work includinbg broody breaker for to weeks so we put some baby chicks under and she accepted thgem as her own :)
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    The mother went to her usual roosting spot and probably thought the chicks would follow.
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    Are the babies sufficiently feathered to be out? If not or if it's cold at night or day, I'd consider adding a heat lamp if there is a way to do that safely in your set up so they can get under it, if mom keeps getting on the roost.... Good luck!
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    If the chicks are a month old they're probably good to be weaned so to speak. My best broody waits almost exactly six weeks--I swear it's like she looks at a calender or something---and then she starts to roost. The chicks freak out cause they can't figure out how to get up to her. It usually takes a few days for them to get it, then they always have some falling off the roost while trying to get under momma on the roost. She's still very attentive to them during the day, for a few more weeks, but six weeks of sleeping on the ground is apparently her limit!

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