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    Feb 7, 2010
    i have mini goats and we have a 2 week old baby who's mum her milk has stopped so i got some powdered milk form the vet
    She is small lees than a foot high i am trying to feed her with a 250 ml bottle

    How much milk will she drink?????
    the vet said 3 times a day but if she only drinks a third 60ml ,,,,,do i go back after an hour and give her more???

    i have kept the milk in hot water just to try to re feed her
    But i would normally throw it away

    Advice please
  2. chickens really

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    If she is drinking well and then stops....She is full.....Over feeding is not good either as they will get belly aches.....As long as the nipple is letting out enough milk at the time of feeding she should be okay......Tired Babies and the wrong flow of milk causes issues too......

    Poor Baby......


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