Muscovies and chickens


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5 Years
Jan 19, 2015
I know muscovy ducks have talons. I was thinking of buying two female muscovy ducklings with my newly hatched chicks. When they get older, can they live together? I have a giant run space, but they would share a coop. Is is dangerous for the chickens? Like the talons?

none of mine live together but plenty "roam" together, you gotta watch, chickens and ducks don't fight the same... yes, scovies have massive claws but chickens peck and take out ducks eyes.

I have had a few of mine get into it, usually the females(both chicken and duck) nothing super bad has happened but i have been about to put a stop..

I know some mix them full on, housing, penning etc i prefer not too, not saying it can't work but be prepared in case it simply does not, keep in mind scovies roost so allow for that too.. they will go up with the chickens, i have found my chickens in my duck barn side by side with my scovies in a rain storm lol


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