Muscovies This Cheap!!!??


11 Years
Dec 14, 2008
i saw on craigslist muscovies hatched in august, $2 each, is this a good price for the at that age? are they almost mature and able to lay eggs?
That's very cheap for around here. Ducklings alone are 5 here.
That is cheap in my area except when I was lucky enough to get some free. They run 15-30$ for non show quality.
;)That cheap for Alex., LA. they $2.50 for 1-2wk. old, they will not lay till the spring and will lay in the fall also, great tasting eggs.
The egg Man
That is inexpensive. My first pair of hens started laying at 4mths but back then it was warm weather.. mind you the one is still laying despite awful temps..(double digit minus) and the other on/off.. so it seems to depend on the bird.

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