Muscovy brooding -- How long to leave her??

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ametauss, Mar 3, 2009.

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    Aug 20, 2008
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    I've got 1 moscovy female that has gone broody with two of my female turkeys...

    All together they're laying on about 30 eggs both turkey and duck...

    I have 2 muscovy females, a muscovy male and a female pekin....

    I know that turkeys should hatch around 28 days and ducks around 35.....

    It's been just about 28 days and I haven't seen any movement....

    The three of them are really nasty when you try to get to the eggs thus I haven't been able to candle them....

    Should I just wait out the whole 35 days and then forcefully remove the girls and toss the eggs or what??? [​IMG]

    I don't want spoiled eggs breaking in the goat house... oh did I forget to mention they decided to take up residence in my goat house??? They couldn't use the chicken coop... no I guess it was too busy for them with all the other girls in and out at all times of the day laying their eggs....

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    Wait until about day 37 and remove them with force!

    If they hatch, ducks, turkey, whatever... the females are going to fight over them maybe...maybe not.

    But if none hatch and its day 37-38 or so, take them out... muscovy eggs can get NASTY, so be careful when taking them out, they will burst if too much activity with them.

    Best of Luck, (And Let us know what happens!)

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