Muscovy Drake flight ??

Blob Chicken

10 Years
Nov 2, 2009
How well would you say a muscovy drake can fly ??

I want to try to train a scovie to fly with me while I got biking ,so I need to know if a drake could be able to stay in flight while I bike around. It would be trained for bike flight as soon as it could fly ,if it helps
they've been known to migrate. When we had Muscovies they would fly up on the roof , over into the neighbors' yards, and also unfortunately into the street which is BUSY due to commuter traffic. i suppose if you condition him it might work but .......hmmmmm ...follow you while you bike ...idk..
...might decide to just do his own thing and you'd never see him again ( which is 1 reason why people tried to get them outlawed as a kept species )
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o.k ,cool ,thanks.

Also I think whichever duckling I choose for flight school will follow me. All my ducklings are imprinted and will run after me on the bike

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