Muscovy drakes and runner females


Overrun with Runners
12 Years
Jan 3, 2010
Southern New England
Any concerns about adding some runner females to a household with muscovy drakes? Since the Muscovies are so much larger, are they likely to hurt the runners if and when they decide to mate? How likely is it that they will, uhm, develop a serious relationship?
The runners should be fine, because theyre pretty tall, but I would still keep a close watch. However, if you hatch their eggs, know that if you cross a Muscovie drake with another breed, the offspring wont be fertile.
Thanks, barred-rocks-rock,

I had heard that it is similar to what happens with mules. Hatching is not in the plan, but one never knows. I would certainly make clear to anyone interested in the offspring that they are the end of the line, so to speak.

My big concern has been the size difference. When I read that even drakes of the same breed can be rough on their mates, it gave me pause . . . . these guys are mellow sweethearts with people and each other. I hope the presence of females doesn't ruin their relationship. Well, they will be watched as carefully as possible.

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