Muscovy duck or cross? Hatch in 32 days!


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
New Haven County
If someone have muscovy cross, please reply me with the pictures. Thank you.
I bought some Muscovy eggs from ebay, on the 28th day, I got two ducklings. The seller finally admited she put some runner eggs accidently. Today is the 32nd day, I saw two eggs were pecked. I searched that trough internet, and saw that Mucovy cross hatched in 32 days. As Muscovy cross is mule, and I want the ducks who can breed. Also, Is pure muscovy possibly hatched in 32 days? Thank you.

I will upload the pictures once they come out.
I'm a bit confused, you say she put some Runner eggs in accidentally? That doesn't mean the ducks will be crosses, it just means you may hatch some Runners as well as Muscovies.

As a general rule, Muscovies hatch at 35 days. Someone who has hatched Muscovies can help you with that aspect of your post
Sorry, I may not explain clearly. I get 17 Muscovy eggs from the ebay seller. They are supposed to be out on the 35th day. However, On the 28th day, I got two runner out. (the seller told me they were runner and she might put the runner eggs to my order accidently). Today is the 32rd day, and I got another two eggs pecked. As the muscovy cross are hathed on the 32nd day. That is why I think they might be muscovy cross. I still have some other eggs in my bator.

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