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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lechez, Apr 24, 2017.

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    So I bought new Muscovy duck today for my male as he was giving the other "female" (Muscovy x Indian runner) a hard time along with my chickens, trying to mate all the time. So when I let the new girl loose, as soon as they saw her they BOTH mounted her and now I feel I must have had two males and have added a female. I'm thinking I'm going to have to get rid of the big black dominant drake as he is trying to mate with my chickens and now it seems has been trying to mate with my other male duck. Could all this be true? Do drakes try and mate with other drakes or could the female just be mounting her for dominance? See the photos attached. It is two ducks on top of the new female Muscovy.
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    Girls will mount girls and drakes will mount drakes.
    But competeing to mate with one hen sounds like you must have 2 drakes...
    And i would get them separated asap. They can severely injure and kill her by doing this , and by overbreeding her.
    And yes if your ducks are trying to breed your chickens they can kill a chicken as well. They have diff anatomy ..... and also being muscovy they are far too big to be mounting the chickens.
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    Kinda hard to be sure with the pics on whether the newcomer is drake or not.. but as said females do mount females... dominance, plus yes, chickens and drake do not mix well sometimes.

    Agreed on the separate, perhaps pen up the "drake" and see how the females react with one another, and also gives you time to see if you genuinely have added a drake or not.

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