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Hi everyone. Any advice for someone that wants a muscovy duckling but of a certain sex. I am looking for a newborn female muscovy to raise as a pet. I have researched a lot on keeping imprinted ducks and have found the following. Drakes tend to be on the quiet side but they also tend to be hormonally aggressive when imprinted on people. Muscovies are the quietest species of duck and I have witnessed first hand how friendly and quiet they can be. If I could get a day old female muscovy that would be perfect. However there is no hatchery that does small orders of sexed muscovies. So what I need to find is a muscovy breeder that knows how to vent sex so they could ship me a female day old muscovy duckling in the spring. I know you shouldn't ship just one duckling so I wouldn't mind if they included some chicks. The duck would have a good home and be treated like a pet.
You might want to go to and do a search for Muscovy ducklings, then change the results sort from relevance to date so you see the newest ads first. There are quite a few recent results returned, but none of the ones I spot-checked are very near you. You can inquire about shipping if you see any that interest you, but keep in mind that people who post on Craig's List might not be willing to ship since that's not the intention of the site.

Do you really have your heart set on only one? It's really not a good idea to have just one duck since they can have problems adjusting and become kind of neurotic. I hope you'll think about getting two instead. Two ducks aren't twice as much trouble as one, and ducks in general really aren't much trouble at all.
Oh, I forgot to mention there are a few shows coming up in the area. Are you interested in those? I don't know that you'd find ducklings for sale, but you might meet people who will have them in the spring.

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