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Apr 18, 2017
I have 5 female Muscovy's and one male. They all get along GREAT! They are young ducks, and they just started laying eggs last week, which I'm very excited about! When I had chickens for a few years, I was never successful in hatching out any chicks, but I would really like to have ducklings, but have questions.
I went out last week, and there were 3 eggs, cold (live in Vermont)..and no one was sitting on them. How do I know if one is setting? I feel dumb, but I just don't know. I took the eggs away, as they were pretty cold. What do I have to do to get ducklings? Do I just not pick up the eggs and assume they are sitting? This morning, I picked up one egg that was layed this morning. Thank you in advance! I would like to be successful! All my ducks are very happy!
Their age is good. With the current night temps, if they brood, you may get low hatch rates. An egg that has frozen before could also crack. Trust me that you don't want that in the nest. Bleh! If it were me, I'd keep collecting for a few more weeks until your night time temps start matching your current daytime temps. Not saying they can't do it in the 20s, but may not be the best.
Oh, and you will definitely know when they are sitting. If they are penned, their chosen spot will be guarded with the ferocity of a T-rex. Wear gloves and long sleeves if you must reach in. Lol. If they free range, she will probably hide them well. You will have to hunt for them.
Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it! I traveled over 3 hrs to buy these ducks! They have been wonderful. I will try to attach a few pictures. They spend most ALL their time outside. I will wait a few more weeks to leave the eggs. I do not have a nesting box for them, I use shavings in their coop. Do you recommend a box? I see many different types online.
Their coop is huge inside, and they have 24/7 access to go outside anytime they want. Anytime I go out to see them, or look out through the window they are all outside. The only time I see them inside is when it's dark out.

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