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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by SkylarVT, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Hi there! I have had chickens for a couple of years now but I am very new to ducks. About a month ago my husband called to tell me that he was bringing home two "very ugly baby geese". . . . turns out they are Muscovy ducks! There is a drake and a female, and the guy that gave them to DH said that they were 12 weeks old, (but he also said that they were geese, so I don't know how reliable that is!). We have had them for about four weeks now and they are very friendly. I didn't think the female would be laying yet because she seems pretty small still, but I found a nest in the coop with three eggs in it today, and I found what I suspected to be a duck egg on the floor of the coop four days ago, (and my chickens NEVER lay outside of their nesting boxes). She is the same size as my barred rock hens, and the drake is about twice as large as her. How can I tell how old they are, and how likely is it that the eggs are fertilized? We didn't want baby ducks, but I don't want to put the drake by himself because I don't want hime to be lonely. Thanks.
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    Quote:Birth control for poultry is very sample just steal the eggs! You might want to toss 2 of the three eggs in the nest since you don't know how old they are but they are most likely fine. Mark one egg and leave it in the nest so the duck will keep laying there rather than hiding her nest from you. Every day remove the new egg. They are good eating even if fertilized. If you are too chicken to try them to eat cook them up and feed them to other pets or back to the chickens or ducks It is very good feed for them AFTER they are cooked and crushed. By all means keep the drake with the duck it will keep both of them much happier, just don't forget to gather the eggs!~gd
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    How much "ugliness" do they have on their faces? They don't start growing carnucles until they are 5+ months old. Mine I hatched in June are just starting to develop them now...and just barely...

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