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May 2, 2009
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Alright all of you muscovy experts on here I have a question for you. I have a blue pied drake over a beige whitehead, a choclate white head pied, and a blue whitehead hen. What colors of ducklings should I expect? Also I just recently purchase what I beileve to be 1 beige duckling and at least 4 blue fawn or lilac ducklings. When the blue fawns/lilacs grow up and mate with the blue drake what color will their offspring be? Oh and also if one of the bluefawns/lilacs is a drake and I keep him for breeding what colors of ducklings will I get from him and all of the above hens? Thanks in advance!!!
Can you post a pic of the Beige hen Wolf Queen? I'm not sure exactly what that color is. (I'll answer about the Beige hen after i see a pic).

Blue Pied Drake over.....

-Chocolate Pied = Black & Blue Pied ducklings with maybe some Blue Fawns too.
-Blue WH Hen = Blue, Silver & Black ducklings, some with white heads & some pied. This year I have gotten TONS of Blues & about equal amounts of black & silver.
-Blue Fawns = I am not really sure about this breeding since apparently only my chocolate drake was fertile this year so my Blue Fawn hen gave me TONS of BF & Lilac babies with a few Chocolates.

Blue Fawn Drake over....

-Chocolate Pied Hen = Chocolate & Blue Fawn/Lilac ducklings, Pied & maybe solids depending on the drakes coloring.
-Blue WH Hen = I imagine you could get a variety but im not sure right now, haven't had this breeding yet.
-Blue Fawn Hens = Blue Fawn, Lilac, Chocolate & possibly Buff ducklings. patterns depend on the parents adult coloring.

Hope someone else chimes in!!
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Bleenie that is SOOOO helpful. Thanks
. Here is one of the more recent pictures I have of my beige hen although this was taken a few months ago lol. Actually Ive been fighting forever over her and my blue hens color. I'm thinking that my "beige" could also be plain fawn and that my "blue" could be silver but I'm not positive and leaning toward blue lol... eh heck ill just post a pic of her to if you wouldn't mind guessing her color as well lol. Here they are.

Oh my goodness!! The blue hen is just gorgeous. that color is called Self Blue. I have 1 hen that color and she's currently on a nest(bred by a chocolate drake). I am really not sure if she's going to hatch anything though because she's really kinda ditzy and i've noticed cold eggs a couple times already.

The self Blue is a Pastel gene so I am not exactly sure how it works when bred to a regular blue or blue fawn drake. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my girl and im excited to see what she hatches if she succeeds. From what I have read online I would get black ducklings from them but I know my colors arent Pure so i'll probably get other colors too. The momma could be a pure self blue (but doubtful), she came from a different farm so im not sure about her background.

The first hen could be a cream-type color. I had a hen like her a couple years ago, she wasn't white but more of a "dirty" white(but she was clean, lol). I also had a drake like her but he had a little blue on his chest. I will try to find a picture of them so you can see if they're close in color. I am also very unfamiliar with the Cream color, i have only had the 2.
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Okay so here is a picture of "Whitey" as a juvenile: (notice the splotchy feet & bluish tint to her wings)

and again as an adult with her best guy(excuse the huge mess that the place was then, lol)



HE was VERY funky looking, he was more mixed color than a real Cream, but still very pretty i thought.
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Aww they look so cute together lol. Actually my hen just looks off white because where I took that pic it was covered with shavings
. If you are familar with that brand of shavings that comes in a large clear bag with a black label she is more that color but a little darker. Thats why I was thinking she is beige.
It could be a Cream, BYC member MDC might know better than me though. I know the shavings you're talking about & that sounds like she's really pretty. I can see it a little better now that i understand the 'shade' you meant, her feet do have a blue tint to them though(it looks like in the pic anyway, lol)

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