Muscovy Hen brooding timetable

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ladyh, Oct 23, 2016.

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    Mar 9, 2015
    This is my first muscovy hen and she has 12 eggs she is sitting on. I know it's about 35 days for these ducks (actually from the goose family). What I'm trying to figure out with your help when I can expect these to hatch.

    Here is the time table and it is so sporatic that I can't figure out when to start counting days.

    Keeping in mind all this time she is sitting on them off and on...

    Sept 24 laid 1 eggs

    Sept 25 laid 2 eggs

    Sept 26 laid 3 eggs

    sept 27 laid 4 eggs

    on and on one egg per day.

    October 4 she has 11 eggs
    October 5 still has 11 eggs
    October 7 has 12 eggs

    Not sure when she just sat more, as she periodically was sitting since she started laying eggs...that's why I can't determine when to start counting. I'm guessing after the 12th egg when she didn't lay anymore (but she was still sitting on the previous eggs) start counting?

    Can anyone help? My chickens are different :)
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    When she actually starts sitting she's going to stop laying, so don't start counting until then.

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