Mar 4, 2020
@Flockincrazy I LOVE my pekins and their personalities, even though they are more trouble. would love to try muscovies too!
Totally! Even though Thelma (pekin) is the loudest alarm clock, surprising hubby likes her. However...the muscovies are closer to his heart as they are quiet and quirky.
Summary: all animals, including ducks, each have their own unique personalities. I consider myself new to ducks (1 year) and had NO IDEA how much personalities they had!!!! I have had all types of farm animals, just not fowl - glad my hubby surprised me with ducks for a mental pick me up (he bought Rouen's - I added pekins :):)


Jun 6, 2019
@Flockincrazy Agree, love their unique personalities. All my pekins are different and I have two welsh harlequins as well, one who is so quiet she seems to barely have a personality and the other who is a total charmer!

Two of my pekins sound an alarm call whenever we have coyotes or deer come through the yard. One of them will sound the same alarm when she wants food, to be let out of the run, or attention. They're so funny, I love everything they do!

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