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Muscovy mating questions...

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by flgardengirl, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. flgardengirl

    flgardengirl Songster

    Dec 2, 2009
    Sunny side up :)
    We apparently have two female and two male muscovys. They freerange a little during the day and I lock them up at night for thier own protection. I've noticed that they are starting to mate the females. Okay here is the concern. One male had a female in thier pool and he had her head underwater for a loooong time. I broke it up because I thought she might drown lol. She didn't act like she was gasping for air or anything and swam around like nothing happened after that. So should I worry about this behavior or not?

    Also, I just read something about not being able to keep adult muscovy males together in the same enclosure once they are mature because they will fight. We are eventually going to have to make a large pen for them because they don't always stay in the yard like they are supposed to. Does anyone else have more than one male together once they are mature?

  2. Buttercup Chillin

    Buttercup Chillin Songster

    Oct 27, 2008
    SouthEast TX
    No. I keep 1M/3F. Although right now I have 1M/5F and that is working.

    I have had more males in the past. But they will fight and the more dominant will drive off the other. Yes, if you don't separate them they can kill the other. You do not have nearly enough females for 2 males. 1M/2F might be ok though. If not the Drake will go after your hens. I kept 3 or more ducks, but I have only had Muscovies for 2 years.

    They prefer to mate in water. Mine like shallow water. Their mating in water can freak you out until you get used to it. When young they lack experience and are clumsy so do watch them at first. But if she was unconcerned, I wouldn't worry.

    Now the poor Drake is confused. He thinks you want to mate his duck. Probably make sure you are out of sight and sneak some lovings when your back is turned.
  3. Snakeman

    Snakeman In the Brooder

    Jul 19, 2010
    My big boy has 4 hens. The Muscovy are separated from my ducks a lot, by their own choice as they all freerange during the day. At night all my ducks and my Muscovy hens go into a pen. My Muscovy drake sleeps on top of the pen. He likes it up there and if I put him in the pen, he is very mean to the ducks. Especially my drakes. If I had a second Muscovy drake, I'm sure there would be injuries.
    As far as the breeding goes, my Muscovy usually breed on dry land but do, on occasion, breed in the pool. I have counted as much as 25 seconds at a time with the female held under water and she doesn't seem to mind. Start counting the seconds and I think you'll find that they are not held under as long as it seems. Before I counted, I would have sworn he held her under for at least 10 minutes. lol
  4. flgardengirl

    flgardengirl Songster

    Dec 2, 2009
    Sunny side up :)
    Okay thank you I feel better now about the 'near drowning' experience lol. It was just so wierd to see that. He had her neck in his mouth and holding her under. I hope his technique improves with his maturity. I have two males I am hoping I don't have to get rid of one. I might just make separate pens and try to find some more females. Too bad they won't just stay on the property..It is @ 4 acres but it is a narrow lot so we have nieghbors fairly close on one side. They have a shiny red truck that is a duck and guinea magnet [​IMG]
  5. sourland

    sourland Broody Magician Premium Member

    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    The only problem with mating in water is that if several drakes try to mate the hen consecutively or if they fight over her while mating they can hold her head beneath the water too long and she may drown. One drake mating one hen is not a problem, but gang breeding can be a significant problem.
  6. TennesseeTruly

    TennesseeTruly Songster

    Mar 5, 2009
    Church Hill, TN
    Well I have to say that I have 3 males and 7 females in one pen. We have NO fighting. Now it may be because the males are siblings or maybe because Blueboy and Blackie are highly submissive to Puppy but they all get along very well.

    Also, my Scovy's aren't penned. They go into their pen at night on their own and come out in the morning on their own. They free range all day long and the 10 of them stick together like glue. They're very rarely separated.


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