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Sep 19, 2015
Ok so I bought 2 muscovy hens 2 weeks ago and the guy had about 10 and said they where all laying and they where anywhere from 1 to 2 years old but I haven't had one egg yet. They have 14 hours of light and access to as much feed as they want but I have never seen them eat and a cup of food will last days. Any help. This week I was going to buy a drake from him but not if his flock is sick.

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And how often and how long should I expect them to lay?
My Muscovy's lay in late winter into spring up until mid Oct they are seasonal layers and don't lay year round unless maybe in deep south that I don't know. You can't force them to lay by using artificial light either since they are not like other domestic ducks. They are wonderful ducks though and make wonderful brooders and mothers just give them a chance.

My Muscovy's love meal worms so maybe buy a small bag of dried and add some to your feed to entice them to eat. and turn off the light it interferes with their sleep.

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