Muscovy numbers for happy Drake and hens?


8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
I was hoping to get 3 ....1 drake and 2 hens. But then i read a few places that they need more in case the hens are sitting or being mama. I know this is a case of going to depend on the bird but what works for you all? I would prefer to start with 3 but will do more if its really necessary?
Well, I have 4 'scovy hens and two drakes. All the hens went broody within 2 wks of each other. Only one of my drakes is 'frustrated' and that is the younger one. So, it really can't hurt to have an extra hen around, at least on my farm.
It might help to mix up the ages of the females. I just got done with having a group of one male to three females where all of the girls went broody at exactly the same time. They were all the same age, so i figure that might have factored into it. He was livid most of the time lol, pacing in from t of their lay box and jumping on them the second they came out to eat and drink every few days. Some days he even stuck his head inside the lay box and tried to pull them out, and that's when I had to separate him into a different pen.
I have 4 males, 2 females - had to separate 2 of the males off for dominance battling; now both hens are broody so the other two are 'protecting' them. Had a couple females that got out and got ate and haven't been able to find more or sell the 2 extra males. Need more to be worth selling for meat. Hopefully some of the eggs being set will hatch so more girls.

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