Muscovy Questions !

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Jul 20, 2017
Bay Minette Alabama
So my 2 females 7 months old went broody so i had to remove them from the nest as the eggs weren't fertile.. just got the drake in yesterday. any idea when they may start laying again ? how long before they take to the drake ? one was setting under a brush pile and one was setting in a hole in a tree . i caught them when they came off to eat and put them in the pen with poultry netting on top . seems my grey female has calmed down now as she kept trying to fly out and get back to her nest the black/white colored female more or less came off her nest on her own as something kept getting to her eggs i would find one outside of nest eaten about twice a week .. any info on these duckies would be greatly appreciated even type. i do believe the females are called pied not sure on the male ... any ides what colors they may throw off would be great too ! thanks again !


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