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    The music is foreign to out door chickens and rare I think? When going home I think playing music for them I see if they are going to listen to it and who know what they may be thinking about it whether digging it and enjoy the sound of it or not? I know other birds like parrots, parakeets and larger birds like my cockatoo danced around like crazy and started chirping and whistling and singing along with the music. I always tried different tunes and kinds of music to see which types of music I got the biggest reaction to. Now I am going home and going to try to put a speaker out the window and see what they think like the birds I have in the house think. Pepe' my parakeet dances around and fly's around the room back and forth from things to his cage and bobs his head. My beloved cockatoo we lost a couple of years back that lived well over 20 years loved music of any kind but RAP and I guess he did not understand it like I do not understand it at all.

    How do your birds and chickens react to you playing music to them and what types of music do your kids like or do not like? Interesting thought I think bc music itself is very uplifting, exciting and I believe healthy to hear for all concerned that may listen to it including chickens. What do you folks thing about it?

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    Well, lately mine have been in my garage to keep a little warmer, and my computer is playing Christmas music right next to the door to the garage so they can hear it too. I can't tell if they enjoy it or not. They do seem quieter when it is playing than when it is off....
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