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Afflicted with the chicken bug that is. Lord knows I never intended to get this involve with chickens keeping and friends are amused by my basic knowledge of the breeds. Mostly those I'm interested in.
But I digress.

So as I was reading the new Practical Poultry portion "Captain Chickenzie" , my thoughts were directed to the situation of Kathimo and her dilemma concerning an unscrupulous egg seller.
It seems that while reading a periodical from the 1800's the author came a crossed an Q and A question that could have been written today.

"Sir I am very partial to poultry and processing but a mongrel stock, I am to go to market with as much scientific information as I can lay in, to defend myself against the artful circumventions of the itinerant vendors who frequent the markets of Leadnenhall, who make easy prey of us cockney purchasers whenever they can find a fitting opportunity".
The author goes on to state that now as then there was in influx of interest in breeding and breeds and poultry in general, but due to the dealings of unscrupulous breeders, bottom fell out like a shot.

While some have a great deal of knowledge, myself excluded, it can still happen that we “fall prey” to these “itinerant vendors”. I must confess I don’t know what the term “cockney” means.

There is no mention of the answer the questioner was given. So what can we who have access to a plethora of media devices do? Certainly we want to use as much tact as possible with out causing irreparable harm to these unscrupulous vendors of substandard stock at exorbitant prices.

Forewarned is forearmed, so please be aware that to put together a website these days is easy enough that a teenager can do it and such pages should not be used to measure the integrity of the seller.

If you are considering purchasing from breeders with high prices at least do your homework and ask for advice on this or any of the forums out there.

Together we can keep this “chicken revolution” going and not let it fall prey to the chickenwolves in chickensheep’s clothing as it did in the 1850‘s.

Love you all

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