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Mar 27, 2018
Our new property is not quite ready for horses yet, but we are eager to get our fencing up to par. We will be adopting untamed BLM mustangs next time they roll through Florida. Does anyone have experience with holding wild horses in?

We have 3 and a half acres to secure.

Current fence is 4' 3 board on the front of the property. Unfortunately the boards are nailed to the outside of the posts, so we aren't sure if this is a total redo, or if we can just put no-climb on the inside and call it a day.

One side of the property is already 4' 2"x4" nonclimb, but that neighbor has not been maintaining the fence and it needs repair.

The other side of the property is hideous chain link. It is also partially cross-fenced with this atrocity. It has to go.

The back of the property is barbed wire. It's not on my side of the property line, so I need to place my fence in front of it.

I know we need a six foot fence to hold them at first, so we will be building 6' tall paddocks, but when they are ready for the pasture I assume 4 feet is adequate?
You do have a fencing project coming up!!!
I don't have mustangs, but have had Arabians, thoroughbreds, Oldenburgs, and Trakehners. We have 5' to 5'6" fencing everywhere. It's 2"x4" woven wire, topped with electrified rope or tape, and a very good fence charger. Nobody has jumped out, although several could. Touching the top electric has inspired them to stay in!
If I had stallions (no way!) it would be taller.
Talk to the mustang people at BLM for best recommendations! And hope your new horses cooperate.
Will you get started animals, so they are safer, and have some social skills?
All the best,
I would check out the BLM website.

It states the fencing material you can use.

30 years ago I adopted 2 wild burro. We built the 5 foot tall fence required for them out of wood. Those donkeys never tried to escape and were fairly tamed quickly. I'm sure mustangs are a bit more work.
Meet rio and Vegas.
They were adopted from the BLM many years ago. They’re 17 and 16 now. They were 1 and 2.

When I have a chance I’ll log in and give you my experience.
If you are adopting two (like I did) YOU WILL want to separate them. Do a separate round pen for each. 5’ for two years and younger. 6’ for older. You need the separate area to gentle them. Rio was gentled and leading outside his enclosure in 3 weeks. But Vegas got strangles. Because I followed strict biosecurity none of my others (or rio) got it.

Obviously he recovered.

I worked with them every day. It was phenomenal and I’ll adopt one again soon. Rio is my child.
Thank you everyone for the replies! I know I took forever to reply. Oops.

Doublete, your mustangs are gorgeous!

We are looking to adopt two untouched mares, so no prior training or handling. I was wondering about the separate enclosures! I might build a 6' paddock and divide it in half.

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