Mutated BCM????

Are they newly hatched chicks that are yellow or are they mature adults that are white? If it is the latter I would say that you have some wheaten genes in your breeding stock
Agreed, How old are the chicks and are they actually feathering out White ? Recessive Wheaten is the most common sport that popps out of breeding BCMs and they look white as chicks. But if is possible to have recessive White Sports popping out too.

If Wheaten then each parent would have one Wheaten gene and of White then each parent would have one recessive white gene.
Sorry it took so long to return to this.
The chicks were born a silvery yellowish white

Matured to solid white, lays a very dark egg.
I read somewhere (should have bookmarked it) of someone calling these a mutation and that they will normally throw regular Black Copper Chicks???
I have 1 that I know for certain in the bator now, so looking forward to seeing what hatches, probably have more but I can't tell her eggs from the others.

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