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So, I've been reading this forum for a couple days- hoping to be able to figure out the sex/ breed of these by myself, but am finally giving in.. These were found in an abandoned house here in New Orleans & eventually made their way to me. I've figured out that one is a roo, one is a hen, but the tannish one is confusing me:

Pullet (?) & Mystery Chicken:

To show ya'll the coloration:




Additional info: Mystery Chicken is the same size as the roo, which makes me think it's probably male.. but it really acts more like the pullet & has a less developed comb.

I know these are mutts, but any ideas on what breeds they are?? Thanks in advance for any information!!
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They should be easier to identify in a few weeks- looks like they're still in that awkward dinosaur stage. Doesn't look like any of them are roos- is one starting to crow?

I'll bet the partridge colored one will be really pretty once she fills out.
Not yet, but the one I think is a roo is a little aggressive to the other birds, isn't as friendly & has a more developed comb than the others..? sounds rooish, no?
I dunno- I'm still learning!
They look green in person, too.. but if it is a pullet, would it still lay colored eggs if the siblings look like a different breed entirely? I guess I'm asking if it could actually be an EE with siblings that look so differently??
EE's come in all kinds of 'looks/colors' from what I have been told, but the green legs are a EE trait for sure...maybe an EE pro can pipe in and let us know for sure....
Due to the thin shape of the body, and length of the tail, I would guess that these chicks are some game fowl cross. Jungle fowl in particular have greenish legs when they are younger, and they get a little darker with age. My Jungle fowl crosses all have green legs, but they are all crossed with Standard birds not with game fowl so their bodies are a little bit larger. Your birds look like they were bred with other game fowl, just maybe not the same breed or color, if they are related.
You will have more of a clue of what they are as they age E.E’s are just crossed birds that lay colored eggs. So your bird could be a game fowl E.E cross and lay green/blue eggs and therefore be considered a E.E. However if it gets hard feathers, and lays tinted eggs then it most likely is a game fowl. The aggressiveness in the rooster is also a good indication of this being in his bloodlines, as game fowl birds are little spit fires.
As for the gender, I agree with everyone else.
Hope all works well, and good luck with your new birds. E.E chicks, not a very good indication, but they are a little hunkier. at the very bottom of the page are pure junglefowl chicks, who have the shape and long tail of mostly your birds.
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