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May 16, 2011
Looking to add to my flock of Rhode Island Reds I was given an assortment of eggs from a friend to throw in my incubator.

The Rooster is a Gold Laced Wyandotte. Then she has an array of girls:

Easter Eggers
Bard Rocks

I was wondering if I was going to get anything "interesting" from the combination? I was also curious if the pullets would retain any of their unique traits (mainly egg color) of their mothers or would the loose that with the Wynadotte cross?

I know some of it's luck of the draw but I also know some traits are stronger then others.


I am terrible at genetic stuff, but I know traits like egg size, laying rate and color are genetic. I bet all the babies are pretty. EE always make cute crosses.
Golden-laced Wyandottes, Barred Rocks, and Welsummers all lay brown eggs, so probably most of your chicks will lay brown eggs of various shades (Welsummers are supposed to lay very dark brown eggs, Barred Rocks and GLW's lay lighter brown eggs). The EE crosses may lay olive eggs or some shade of green, but could also lay pink or brown eggs.

Skin color -- all but the EE crosses should have yellow skin/shanks. EE crosses may have other colors.

Combs -- the Wyandottes usually have rose combs, Barred Rocks and Welsummers both have single combs, and EE's most often have a small pea comb (I know they can have other combs, but every one I've ever had had the pea comb). Wyandotte crossed on EE should have something like a rose or a pea comb; the other crosses could have either rose or single combs.

Color -- GLW X Barred Rock looks like it will make sex-linked chicks -- barred pullets, black cockerels. GLW X Welsummer may be gold-laced. GLW X EE could be anything, as EE's are all colors of the rainbow.

The only other thing is that some of your EE cross chicks will probably have tufts and or beards.


For what ever reason I though the Rock cross had to go the other way for the sex-link thing to work out.

It will be interesting to see what color eggs we get. I really do like the dark brown eggs that the Welsumers lay, even more so then the EE's eggs but I'll take some green/blue/pink too.

Heck, if they lay brown eggs that's fine too.

The next trick (after hatch, 5/31) is sexing them. The boys are going to go live with some broilers...

No...but the question is will they retain the marks that allows them to be feather sexed?

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I belive that feather sexing won't work.
The breeder flock for the female line must be slow feathering only, and the breeder flock for the male line must be fast feathering only. To breed for the chicks you would then cross the slow feathering females with the fast feathering males. The resulting offspring would be the opposite of their parents. Females fast feathering and the males slow feathering.

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