my 15 week old chick (popcorn) got attacked! her toe is bleeding :(


8 Years
Oct 30, 2011
I don't know,
My Coop
My Coop
popcorn got attacked!
I do not know what to do

her toe is bleeding and there is blood all over her wood block

I keep her in a little cage(not too little)
her cage
when they bleed it often looks worse then it is. can you see were on the toe it is? did she loose a toe nail? You could try some baking soda to stop the bleeding.....Keep her caged for a day or two, so she doesn't reopen. wouldn't hurt to put triple-antibiotic on it. I would think it will heal well.
Blue Kote is also good, it seals the wound.

Be careful as it is gentian violet and it will get on your clothing, and it does stain, but, it works
Raccoon can be serious problems for chickens. (they could also carry diseases such as rabies)-- I hope popcorn is safe, and your coop is raccoon proof. (do you have a pet carrier or a pet taxi that you can put her in at night right away if her coop isn't raccoon proof?

Look into "solar night eyes" == if they are coming around at night. You may also want to put a live-trap out for them. Perhaps a call to your county extension agent can provide good advice as to what the local people in your area do to eradicate these pests.

I will see if I can find a link to night eyes and be back. Here we are:
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