My 1st egg!


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Fountain, Florida
I am so excited about my 1st egg! I found it on Friday! It was right in the nestbox just like it is suppose to be! Yesterday I got 1 egg too! I have 16 hens and about half of them are close to laying ages. I have a good idea of who is laying them, but can't remember the type of hen she is. She is just a large plain black hen. She is suppose to have brown eggs and her egg is not exactually white. It is very small, but I just assummed is was cause she was new at this. I believe she is suppose to have normal sized eggs. I do have alot of bantam hens and I know their eggs will be smaller. Well, I am very thrilled with my chicken and their new trick--haha! We used the cute new egg in our cornbread the other night and it was sooooo yummy!

we were just gifted by our first egg last week and have been getting on every other day. don't know which of our 20 4 1/2 mo. old hens is mommy. eggs are light brown and still small. we do know it is a nn.
congrats on your first egg
Great isn't it? I got my first one last Sunday. Have 14 the same age but only one laying. We figure with housing, fencing, cost of birds and food the 7 eggs cost us about 200.00 dollars each. But the cost goes down with each egg.
I still get excited with EVERY egg. For a while my fiance was getting them before I came home, and then I whined on this board and now he waits and lets me get them.
He is a sweetie.

We got two today.. that's 10 in 9 days now. But only 5 of the 18 have laid an egg. Very expensive eggs still at this point.
Hi there everybody! I got another egg yesterday! It's like seeing if I won the lotto everytime I go out there--haha! Now I have hopes of getting more than 1 at a time! I love my chickens!!!

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