My 2 newest


Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
So I had 2 babies hatch from the 4 I put in the incubator
They both have the same daddy my light brahma zeus

The yellow one has Sally my NH red as her momma

And the black and yellow has Mazie my golden laced wyandotte as her momma

I am hoping they are girls

The lt brahma/glw mix needed help hatching she was trying for a long time to hatch after zipping through her shell
So I had to help
It seems the membrane was rather tight and dry it was hard to get off

So for the Firt 24 hrs I was worried about her, she see more tired than Normal, at least to me it seemed that way.

Next day she seemed a little better , and here she is 2 days old with her sibling
I did put a hobble on her for the first 2 days her leg worried me a bit


And the moms and dad

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