My 2021 Spring Project


Aug 1, 2020
Middle of somewhere
Just finished all the details and stuff with figuring out my spring project next year, a few weeks ago. I’m hatching ducks, then picking a few out out of the ones hatched, then raising about 5 or so. I’m building my own coop and run, I just finished designing it. I’ve incubated and hatched several times before, so I’m prepared with that, but I’ve never kept poultry other than squeaky for a little bit before, so if y’all want to share any tips and stuff or cool experiences feel free to! Im hoping for one Crested White Pekin, (only one Pekin because they tend to have health problems), 1 or 2 mallards or Rouens, a khaki Campbell, and a Cayuga. I might even do some cross breeding if I get lucky with 1 drake and several hens. But yeah, I’m pretty excited. Am I missing anything?
Oh yeah, I had a question. I’m hoping to take them from the brooder into the coop at about 3.5 weeks old. Their adult feathers won’t have fully come in quite yet. Is that still ok? Or do I need a heat lamp in there a little while?

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