My 6x12 coop project

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    Mar 14, 2012
    So with 10 chicks coming in May, I decided to begin my coop build.

    The plan is for a 6x12 coop with a shingled roof. All sides will be screened in w/ a Havahart electric fence on the outside bottom. An enclosure will be built inside at one end (maybe 6x4?) for winter/shelter. I've built bigger structures 90% alone, so this should be easy with a set of hands from the wife when needed.

    1) Built 7 triangle trusses (12/12 pitch) with nail plates (the ones that say "not for trusses, heh) and 2x4s. This is the same method I used for my 20x10 shed I built from a taunton press book on shed building (great book). It's still standing years later so it will work for a smaller chicken coop

    labor: 3 hours
    materials: (21) 2x4x8, (42) nail plates: $85.00

    2) Dug four post holes by hand. Shot for 36" but didn't get quite that far due to rocks. I'm not too worried for a coop. Cemented in 4 posts. Used a water level to match heights and cut to desired height (I chose about 6')

    labor: 3 hours
    materials: (4) 4x4x10, (3) 80lb bags quikrete: $55

    3) Installed a kickplate made of 2x6 deck lumber at the base of coop perimeter. Bolted two 2x8x12 to post tops using two carriage bolts at each end. I then installed the triangle trusses 24"o.c. using 3" wood screws, one from each side. This is enough to hold them in place while you install the rest of the trusses.

    labor: 4 hours
    materials: deck boards, (2) 2x8x12, wood screws: $50

    4) Installed 7/16" OSB roof sheathing.

    labor: 2 hours
    materials: (5) sheets 7/16x4x8 OSB sheathing, nails: $50

    That's where I'm at so far! I just put an add on craigslist to find 4 bundles of cheap shingles, otherwise it's $100 in the store. I just realized I forgot to add the overhangs at the front/back of the shed roof. I would have liked to add those then extend the sheathing over the overhangs for strength but I'll figure something out, probably just use metal strapping. More to come...



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    Mar 24, 2012
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    Looks Good so Far [​IMG]

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