My 8 week old chicks are losing there feathers on there back end

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    I have 20 8 week old roos & some of them are loosing there feathers on there back end. They are bald under there wings but they do have there tail feathers. I noticed today that a few more are starting to lose there feathers now too. They have a huge brand new coop that is 14 x 18 barn. They get outside everyday also so I dont think it is due to being board. If it's mites which I don't see as of do I treat it & with what? I am treating all of my birds ages 8 - 15 weeks right now with Duramycin - 10 & Sulmet due to having some of them die suddenly.

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    could also be a feather eater too. Check which birds have feathers and which don't and try to keep up on it, so if you have to you can separate for a while then gradually start putting them back together, preferabley while free ranging so as not to start any fights. Also increase their protein feed scrambled eggs, lean meat chopped up good quality cat food [canned] and mealworms. eating feathers can mean inadaquate protein. since you've ruled out stress, and bordom. I'd get some Blue-kote and spray their bums with it too and see if that stops it. sometimes just changing the color[purple] can stop them.

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