My 8 week olds eye is closed and she is lethargic. Can any one help ?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by hbwbk, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I have an Americana and one of hers eyes is closed she is acting a little lethargic. She is eating and drinking. She seems to see around OK but sometimes her feathers are puffed up.
    It is a lot cooler here then they are used to but they have all there feathers. She seems to want to sleep all the time. Any clues?????
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    This isn't much information to go on. Is there any discharge or injury at the eye? Have you checked her over for injury? Do you see any nasal discharge or hear any odd breathing sounds? Have you checked her poops? Have you noticed anything unusual in her poops? How old is she? You say it is cooler than usual, how cool is it? Where is she located and what is her environment like? What kind of litter or bedding do you use? Does she free range? How long has she had these systems?
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    OK there is no discharge from her eyes or her nose. no cuts. She does not free range they are in a pen. I'm only using pine shaving the same all along. She is 8weeks this Sunday. The temp went from ninety to around 68 during the day. At night from 70 to 48 degrees. She has 5 sisters with her so they snuggle at night. Her eye has opened for a while today but as soon as you pick her up it closes I do not see any thing in or around her eye. My son hand fed her meal worms her favorite she had no problem eating
    she also had banana and blue berries. Should I keep her separate from others to check her poop so far all I have cleaned today has been fine. She looks like she was drunk this morning held her for a while when I put her down she kinda wobbled a little but then she was fine. She has not puffed up since 6 PM when I got home and gave them their treats. I noticed this morning that she was a little off the girls and I had our talk before I went to work at 5AM This afternoon she was sitting in the sun all puffed up and when I picked her up she just fell asleep in my arms my girls are very active so when I see this I worry. Thank you for answering me.
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    I would give polyvisol vitamins. It sounds like she is not feeling well. My SS had ruffled feathers when she had her respiratory infection. She only is alive because she never stopped eating and drinking. I treated her with antibiotics, probiotics and vitamins. It was a very stressful two week. I'm pretty sure the vitamins are what saved her.
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    Separate her from the others and quarantine her, I'd recommend giving her antibiotics and supportive enzymes in her water. Provide palliative care and cross your fingers.

    Also, FYI: its Ameraucana. [​IMG]

    Best luck to your little one!
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    How is she doing?

    My EE girl about the same age as yours had the exact same issues yesterday. It seems she may have caught a chill of some sort. CHickens are so sensitive. I seperated her to the basement with a heating pad, a warm lamp, I also gave her some vitamins and electrolytes in her water and some yogurt with oatmeal. THis morning she wasn't much better. I added antibiotics. She seems to be doing alot better tonight. She's opening both eyes and standing up alot. Wants out of the basement which is a good sign.

    I hope your girl bounced back as well.
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    I am wondering if your babe has or is coming down with cocci.

    I have no experience with it, as it does not seem to be in my soil..........but do know that many battle it with chicks/young stock.


    Here is a thread talking about cocci and treatment. You can also search (use the search link on the left, just above your logged in name) for more threads.
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