my 9 week muscovy is scared of me


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Feb 16, 2012
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I wonder if you guys ever experienced this? After 9 weeks, my 2 muscovies act like they are scared of me and run away. They acting like I am going to eat them or something. A week ago, they were not scared of me at all. The same thing happened with the other muscovies I use to have a while back. My runner duck didn't do this and he was not scared of me ever.
That sounds fairly normal to me. My ducks always hit a stage where they lose their trust in me and end up acting very fearful.
Same over here. They won't stand still for me to catch them any more, but will come and pick food out of my hand when I offer it. Once they are close enough they let me touch them but don't seem to enjoy it like when they were little. I guess that might not happen when you only have one duck and he doesn't know if he is duck or human but it's better when they have company from their own species. I only wish they would always stay as tame they were when they were babies.
Offer them some worms, they do miracles!
I don't think it's unusual, at the core ducks are prey animals so that instinct to be wary of things wanting to pet/hold them is strong. Just do what you always do, hopefully they will come around.

I still have a few goofballs but they were bought as older birds and not handled, we've had them over a year but they still act like we could kill them lol some are just like that.
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