My Alpha Roo is scared! What to do?


In the Brooder
9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
West Central Indiana
My Alpha Roo, Rocky, has always been the "head honcho" so to speak. We have several other roosters, but have had them. All of a sudden within the last two weeks, he is scared of ALL the chickens, stands alone, and doesn't even crow anymore! Has he lost status or is something wrong? He is eating and drinking fine, no weight loss, no marks of an attack either. Grew up with chickens, but usually just collected the eggs so I am in the dark! Any kind of help would be apprieciated! We really love him! (I am really attached to all my chickens, they ALL have names:D)YIKES!!!
Thank you all so much! I was afraid of that, but it is much better than him being ill!!
M.F....Yeah, at first I thought I had dropped a xanax and he had found it!!hehe j/k!!!

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