my asthmatic chicken wheezing again

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  1. I have a hen who periodically gets wheezy and has a hoarse laryngitis sounding voice. I give her a little vet rx in water or drizzle some on her beak for about a week or two and it seems to go away, but then returns after a few weeks or a month. This doesn't seem to be related to temperature, bedding, etc. and otherwise she seems normal.

    I was worried the first few times, because all the info says that chickens don't get colds, respiratory things are serious etc. I always examine her and never see anything caught in her throat. She never has any nasal or eye discharge, and her lungs always sound clear. Any ideas? This has been going on for about 6 months now. [​IMG]
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    I would have her tested. You will not know for sure what is going on unless you do this. We can guess, but that doesn't really help at all. Chickens don't get colds. A lot of poultry respiratory infections render the infected bird a carrier for life. Your bird may have survived an infection, but remains a carrier. Unfortunately, this means that whenever a bird is stressed there is a chance that the dormant infection can rear its ugly head again. Not an ideal situation. She may just be respiratorily compromised for whatever reason (dust in the coop, DE usage, high ammonia concentration in the air), but I would want to find out for certain if she has a disease.

    Good luck.
  3. Thanks CMV,
    I always appreciate your advise. We have one avian vet in this neck of the woods who will see chickens. I may give them a call. I know it will be pricey. She is a sweet girl though, so . . . .

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