My babies are starting to hatch ...

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  1. I was given an incubator that someone I know didnt like, apparently she said it was useless. I thought to myself maybe it was just her and she didnt do it right.

    I had to hand turn the eggs and there were some days I got home from work so late I fell into bed and forgot! So there have been a few days they only got turned once a day. Also there is no way to check humidity or temp, just a dial on the top for temp. So I just keep the reseviors full of water and the temp was set to 37.5 the whole way through.

    Anyway, the day before yesterday was day 19 and I came home late from work. I was busy in the lounge when I heard a cheep cheep!
    Went to check the incubator and sure enough one of the eggs had hatched! [​IMG] I was soooo excited!!

    I have 6 GLW, 6 Plymouth Rock, and 8 Barnevelder eggs in there. There are also 4 heinz variety as well.

    I did candle the eggs last week and to my very untrained eye it seems half of them were good and half were clear.

    I was out all day yesterday and come home hoping more had hatched but nope [​IMG] I have put the first little one in the tub I had for them set up with food and water. I have seen 2 of the other eggs moving but nothing else has even pipped.

    Here is baby 1 ...



    This egg was a heinz variety, it could be either a barny, or a australorp x buff sussex. The egg isnt quite as dark as the true barny eggs I have under a clucky hen, they are due over easter, but it is much darker than the other eggs I have so not sure what this one will be, so long as it turns out a pullet I dont care either! haha

    As I said i did candle the eggs last week and if I am right (and this is a big IF) I think there might only be another 7 maybe with babies in them.

    Another one hatched overnight and this one is a GLW and is as dark as the other is light sooooo cute!!! [​IMG]

    I have today off so I can see I wont be getting much done haha



    I have 2 more GLW eggs pipping right now ... just wish some of the Plymouth Rocks would! Will post more pics are they hatch, and hopefully my broody hen will have more success than I did with the incubator :)
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    Congratulations! They're adorable [​IMG] I have Ameraucana, frizzled Phoenix, Serama, and frizzled EE eggs due on Easter and Golden Sebrights due 6 days after. Waiting is so hard!
    Day 19 is a bit early, it sounds like your temperature may have been too high. You should get a thermometer and a (calibrated) hygrometer so that you know what to adjust next time because the dial things could be "off" even if they were set right.
  3. Thanks!

    2 more have now hatched and 1 more has pipped, there are another 2 eggs rolling about as well so hopefully I will get another 3 more hatching in the next 24 hours.

    Then in a few days the girl on the barny eggs should have hers start to hatch I cant wait!
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    CONGRATS!!! [​IMG]


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