My baby chick wont STOP!


In the Brooder
Apr 6, 2016
We have recently had 1 chick out of a batch of duckling. She imprinted on me and one other person...everything seemed perfect! Then she got hurt(on my page it should be under emergancys) she started getting better and made huge progress yesterday.
Now the real fun.....she stayes in one position keeps her beak open (partially open Ithink) and has been making some ugly obnoxious squaking and she hasnt taken a break from it(its been two hours no joke) no matter what she wont stop
It doesnt sound weird at all but she runs away from all the others and she was comfortable i used to call her and she would come to me, gey on my hand and either stay on my shoulder, lay with me etc, she even sleeps with us and switches from nuzzling into our necks or chest. She will run to me but when i even move slightly to her she rums away like shes scared of me now, she hasnt done that at all. And as i said this was an over night change and started a few hours ago
But no shes with me almost at all times, when she falls asleep i start doing my chores inside of the house i dont leave her alone outsode or insode

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