My baby silkies!!


8 Years
Jun 13, 2011
We have a happy family of 6 silkies now,,mom and dad hatched and raised 4 healthy baby chicks!
They are 7 weeks now and doing fantastic,,I will try to post pics..
OMGosh! Adorable! I am hoping my silkies sit on their batch of 4 eggs but so far no broodiness. Not sure how long to wait for them to sit on them. Took the advice of forum and marked each one with pencil so I can tell the new eggs from the ones I am hoping to have as babies. You are so lucky, enjoy them!
Thanks! I am a very proud Mommy!
I have to say that silkie's are the friendliest and calmest of all the hens
I've had,cochins are next in line. But I will never part now with silkies,,my Favorites!!
The rooster let's me hold him,and loves being caressed,he's a doll!
I'm sure she'll lay a few more,,mine layed 6 then went broody,I left her alone to do the
job and she did great! You don't really need to intervene, they're naturals at it! Enjoy!!
I will definitely do it again next spring, so much fun!

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